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Car Accident Cases Can Be Complicated - Be Prepared

The road of life is paved with many detours and potholes, though it’s not those physical ones you need to watch out for. It’s those bad drivers that crash into your vehicle, destroying your property and putting you in a position of pain for years to come.

All those medical expenses begin to pile up and you wonder what you ever did to deserve such a thing. How will you ever recover physically or financially? With the appropriate legal advice, you can sue the insurance company and retrieve compensation for all your damages. 

In this article, we’ll discuss the #1 most important thing to keep in mind when preparing your car crash lawsuit.

How We Win

$3.7 Million in Side-Collision Case

In the case of Linda Amerault, she was driving along Dodd Road in Seminole County, Florida. With a green light inviting her to turn at the intersection of Howell Branch Road, she started to turn though a sedan broadsided her. In an instant, her life had changed on January 15, 2016. Linda’s neck and back had major problems from the incident and it caused her psychological injuries as well. The other driving was texting at the time, not paying attention and ran the red light right into Linda’s sports car. Thankfully, Linda documented everything from her pain to the damages to her vehicle. She had gathered plenty of evidence that made it a slam-dunk win, where she was awarded $3,777,987 in damages.

$3 Million in T-Bone Accident

Another Central Florida car crash case in 2016 involved Mary Booth who was a passenger in an SUV. A driver made a left turn into the right side of the vehicle, causing Mary back and neck injuries. The offending driver was not insured. Mary also kept a detailed journal, photographs, and every single piece of paper related to her injuries to ensure the uninsured driver, who had run a stop sign, would have to pay. Because of her injuries, she was left unable to continue her passion as a baker. With all this evidence in her favor, the jury awarded Mary $3,075,353.94.

$7.8 Million in Rear-End Crash

On April 10, 2018, James Feaster was driving his pickup truck on State Road 46 in Sanford, Florida. The rear end of his truck was hit by a trailing car driven by a negligent driver that led to James suffering severe back and neck injuries. His pain was so unbearable, he underwent four years of chiropractic manipulation and six epidural steroid-based painkiller injections. Even with that, he was constantly in pain and the jury elected to award him $7,877,492.22.

$16.4 Million in Reaer-End Car Crash

In Jacksonville, Florida, on December 15, 2018, Jessica Long was driving on I-295 when she was rear-ended much like James. Damages to her vehicle and to her neck and back were documented meticulously. Thanks to her intricate notes and evidence backed by doctor assessments, Judge Katie Dearing ruled that Jessica suffered a permanent injury related to the accident and was given $16,433,352.80.

The #1 Thing All These Winning Cases Have in Common

Aside from the obvious that these cases all involved car accidents and all happen to be in Florida, there is something else each of the plaintiffs had in common. That common thread helped them win big in the courtroom. The secret trick? They all documented everything from the moment the accident occurred right down to every detail from hospital and doctor visits.

While no one ever wants to get into a car accident, should it happen to you, the trick to getting over $1 million in claims is to take as many notes, videos, and photos of the accident itself as well as the injuries you sustain. Maintain a diary of your medical visits, procedures, and that pain and discomfort. Keep medical records in a file and this can be used to help you win.

If you don’t want to lose, then call 1-800-LAWSUIT or visit, the firm that specializes in million dollar claims. While past results don’t guarantee future performance, if you have documentation about the accident and your injuries and you have the right lawyer advocating on your case, you’ve got an excellent chance of receiving millions of dollars for your accident.

Don’t fight it alone. Let the experts get you the money you need to handle those astronomical medical bills so you can put your life back together.

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