Veteran to Receive a $2.75 Million Settlement In Malpractice Case

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The federal government will pay $2.75 million to resolve a lawsuit raised by a veteran who was forced to have his leg partially amputated after a foot-and-ankle surgery that went wrong. The hospital is run by the U.S Department of Veterans Affairs. If you or someone you know was damaged in a similar way, a […]

$7.5 Million Wrongful Death Judgment

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A man died after he was ejected from a vehicle at a dairy farm. The Missouri court has affirmed a ruling against Liberty Insurance Corporation, which will allow the family to collect $7.5 million from the Liberty insurance policy.

$44 Million Settlement To Two of BitMex Former Founders

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BitMex, a Cryptocurrency exchange, has reached a $4 million settlement with two of its early investors, Frank Amato and Guido Capone, for providing them with misleading information and not allowing them to generate profits with the invested money.

$1 Million Injury Verdict Against Casino Is Dismissed

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The Fifth Circuit overturned a jury’s decision to grant $1 million for future pain and suffering to a woman whose ankle was fractured by a contractor doing work outside a casino in New Orleans. The contractor ran her over with a forklift. The court felt that the amount was too much in this scenario.