$10 Million in Wrongful Pregnancy Lawsuit

Pregnant woman 2

The family of a severely disabled child has been awarded $10 million by a federal judge. The case began with a nurse administering a flu shot instead of a birth-control injection to the mother, Yeseni Pacheco. She had no intention of having a child and would not have become pregnant in 2011 if the nurse had given her the appropriate birth-control treatment.

Pacheco had gone to the clinic for a regular injection of a birth control hormone. The nurse at the clinic had been giving walk-in flu shots all day failed to check the woman’s chart and accidentally gave her a flu vaccine instead.

Pacheco only realized the clinical malpractice when she called to set her next appointment, more than two months later. By then, she was already pregnant.

The family’s lawyers argued that the case should be considered a “wrongful pregnancy” and “wrongful life.” It was a long, drawn-out case that strongly accused the government when they refused to accept responsibility.

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