$250,000 in Settlement For Hartford Inmate

jail barbed wire

Connecticut officials are to pay $250,000 in a settlement of a claim brought by a prison inmate who gave birth in her cell on a toilet and argued she was denied appropriate medical care.

William Tong, the Attorney General, provided documents from 2018 that showed that Tianna Laboy complained about extremee abdominal pain and bloody discharge in the hours before the birth but was told that the medical staff weren’t available at the time.

According to the settlement, approximately $83,000 will be taken from the $250,000 to pay for attorney fees. Two-thirds of the rest, about $112,000, will be set aside for Laboy’s daughter and one-third, about $55,000, will go into a trust for Laboy, 23, who is still serving a seven-year sentence at the women’s prison in Connecticut.

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