$300,000 Settlement Against Kalamazoo County For Fired Attorney

Kalamazoo County

After a 1-year negotiation, Elizabeth White, the former Kalamazoo County attorney, settled her claim against the Kalamazoo government, being awarded $300,000.

White filed a lawsuit claiming After being fired by the Board of Commissioners in November 2019, claiming that the fire was unjust and missrepresented.

Of the $300,000, $212,800 will be going to White and $87,200 to her attorney dealing with the case.

In the settlement, White agreed to not apply to be employed by Kalamazoo County in any capacity anymore, and also agrees not to attempt to seek damages or anything else from the county anymore due to this case.

Both parties also agreed to not make any “disparaging comments” or respond negatively to media requests.

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