$6.85 Million Against FedEx Freight

Fedex Freight Verdict

FedEx Freight has just lost a verdict in court over a fired driver who had a rebuilt knee with somewhat limited motion. The plaintiff was awarded just over $6.85 million.

The verdict that was awarded to Goldstine included $5 million for “malice or reckless indifference to Mr. Goldstine’s rights against discrimination under the Americans with Disabilities Act.” 

Besides, discrimination damages, emotional damage was assessed at $1.75 million. Past and future financial losses were considered at just more than $400,000.

Not surprisingly, the FedEx Freight version of the story is very different. Lawyers for FedEx Freight suggested Goldstine had not mentioned his limited knee abilities on his earlier DOT examination when becoming certified. FedEx Freight also claimed that a later checkup of the knee showed a full range of abilities. 

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