$99,000 Settlement Against Police Officer

On Dec. 18, 2019, a Sacramento resident, Cole, was sitting outside a store with his dog when the security guard told him to continue moving. He said that Cole need to leave immediately if he wouldn’t, the police would be called.

The Sacramento police were then called to the scene, and the police officer asked the dog owner to leave the area.

After approximately five minutes, officers began trying to hold down Cole. The resident’s dog began barking at the officers. During the commotion, the dog bit one of the officers and also lunged at one of the other officers, who ended up firing their gun.

The bullet hit the ground, fragmented, and hit Cole between the eyes, the dog in the leg, and the guard as well.

The dog owner’s attorney said that Cole needed to undergo two surgeries and is unfortunately blind in one eye.

The case was against the city and the Sacramento Police Department. The settlement was confirmed on Sept. 9 for $99,000.

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