How Much Is The Average Slip and Fall Settlement

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Evaluating A Slip And Fall Case

Slips and falls can seem common enough not to warrant much attention. However, at times a slip or a fall can be severely debilitating and also have serious repercussions which can be fatal as well. If you’ve injured yourself by a slip or a fall on public or private property, you can push for a slip and fall settlement.

Each slip-and-fall case is unique, so you won’t really know how much you’ll receive until you hire a slip-and-fall attorney who can advise you on whether you have a legitimate case and calculate a realistic compensation. 

Each slip and fall case is unique, so you won’t really know how much you’ll receive until you hire a slip and fall attorney who can help you calculate a better compensation.

How to Calculate Your Slip and Fall Settlement

The compensation you receive for a fall is equal to your monetary loss, in addition to your pain and suffering compensation.

Monetary Loss

Monetary loss includes the loss you have incurred on medical costs, including your travel to and from the hospital, the medication you require, and the treatments done. It would also include the income you have lost because you are unable to work due to your injuries.

Pain and Suffering

For the pain and suffering compensation, it typically depends on the severity of the injuries you acquired.

Again, each case is different. While the extent of your injuries would determine the amount of compensation you are entitled to receive, the strength of your case is also essential. There will also be questions about whose fault it was, and the answer will be used as a basis.

Usually, attorneys will need to know your age, medical records, and any other document related to your slip and fall injury.

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Average Slip and Fall Settlement

On average, slip and fall settlements are between $15,000 and $45,000 in the United States.

If you have acquired minor injuries from the accident, you might receive less than the average. But if your case is legally strong and you have sustained severe injuries from the accident, then your settlement might be much more than the average, often because of the pain and suffering involved.

However, be cautious of attorneys that promise a certain amount early on. They will be unable to determine the amount until they have reviewed medical records and talked with you.

Can a Slip and Fall Attorney Increase Your Compensation?

Attorneys can help increase the amount you acquire, that’s why you should hire one after being involved in such an accident. They can tell whether the initial offer of the other party is fair and will help you make your case stronger so you can get paid the highest amount possible.

More ways slip and fall attorneys can help

● Negotiate with the other party skillfully because of their legal expertise
● Drafting the settlement paperwork
● Advising you on what you should do (either take the offer or take your case to court)
● Ensure that you collect your payment

Finding The Right Slip and Fall Lawyer

Your attorney will assist you in every step of the way. Since you are probably injured and require rest, your attorney will do the work for you. They will also be prepared in case your claim requires trial, which is why you need a reliable expert in the first place.

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