Can You Sue For Chemical Exposure?

Asbestos exposure sign

How to sue for chemical exposure? Sometimes, it only starts with persistent coughs and headaches, and later short of breath after a few steps on the stairs. You give in to your spouse’s insistence and go for a medical check-up. The doctor looks at the chest X-ray and turns to you. The results confirm the […]

6 Steps To Take After a Hotel and Resort Accident

Hotel accident skyline picture

What Should You Do After A Hotel Accident? The last thing you would want to happen to you during a vacation is to be injured. However, accidents do happen, and when they do, make sure you are prepared with what to do each step of the way. Hotel and resort accidents are complicated. You should […]

Elevator Accidents

Hotel accident skyline picture

Injuries Involving Elevator and Escalators Assuming you’ve spent time on an elevator before, you are probably aware that it can incur serious injuries to its users. Whenever something like this happens, the building owner, manager, or manufacturer can often be forced to pay for the damages and injuries, whether through premises liability or product liability […]

Parking Lot Accidents

Personal injury car accident scene with hazard sign nearby

Fault Determination in Parking Lots Some drivers let down their guard when on a busy parking lot, causing many car accidents countrywide. Busy holidays and shopping seasons report the highest number of parking lot accidents. Due to the congestion in these places, accidents occur simultaneously, and it might be challenging to determine which driver is […]

8 Common Causes of Slip And Fall Cases

Premises liability and dangerous liability hazard sign not to slip

Most Common Causes For Slips and Falls A slip and fall case is a typical accident that can happen at any place and time. We hear of people, especially seniors above 55, getting injuries while walking due to slip and falls all the time. While most people assume that such accidents are their faults, here […]