8 Common Causes of Slip And Fall Cases

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Most Common Causes For Slips and Falls

A slip and fall case is a typical accident that can happen at any place and time. We hear of people, especially seniors above 55, getting injuries while walking due to slip and falls all the time. While most people assume that such accidents are their faults, here are eight common causes for slip and fall cases.

We hear of people, especially seniors above 55, getting injuries while walking due to slip and falls all the time.

1. Weather

Weather is among the top causes of slip and fall accidents worldwide. Walking on muddy surfaces or even soft and slippery grasses can cause someone to slip and fall. It would be best to be cautious while engaging in activities on slippery surfaces, especially in the winter.

2. Stray Cords and Electrical Wires

Stray cords and wires can hook onto shoes or trip us up. Pedestrians busy walking on the streets can experience falls from such cables or wires and get really hurt falling onto the concrete. If these wires were left because of some city or business owners’ negligence, you could get compensation with an experienced attorney’s help.

3. Improper Footwear

Improper footwear is among the leading causes of slip and fall accidents. It’s not only about women who wear high heels, but even people wearing boots and sneakers can slip and fall through faulty design or weak traction. Thus, ensure that the shoes fit properly and provide proper traction.

4. Wet and Uneven Walking Surfaces

Of all the causes of slip and fall, wet surfaces are the most common. Statistics show that children and seniors fall the most while walking on damp and uneven surfaces.

Wet and uneven surfaces can include loose floorboards, worn-out carpeting, freshly mopped surfaces, damaged sidewalks, loose mats, and cluttered floors. It’s everyone’s responsibility to prevent wet and uneven surfaces from causing injuries. Ensure that your floors are uncluttered, dry, and in good shape.

5. Damaged Handrails

Slip and fall accidents that result from broken or damaged handrails can be fatal. Owners and managers should always ensure that broken railings are repaired as soon as possible to avoid accidents. Negligence on their part will make them responsible for compensating any injured victim.

6. Unclean Walking Surfaces

Spilled oil, detergents, banana peels, or other slippery substances on the floor also cause slip and falls. If you fail to repair leaky appliances like freezers or ovens, they may release unclean substances on the floor that may cause slips and falls. Even using poor floor cleaning agents can cause accidents if they leave a residue that causes someone to slip.

7. Lack of Warning Signs of Slippery Surfaces

Not all floors must be wet to cause accidents; some are slippery by the nature of their material. If such floors lack warning signs, people will walk on them unknowingly and slip and fall.

8. Poor Lighting

Buildings, staircases, and sidewalks with poor lighting systems have also contributed to slip and fall accidents, making it hard to navigate safely. Thus, homes, workplaces, and other public properties should be well-lit, or else those responsible will be liable for any damages caused.

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Most slip and fall accidents are avoidable and preventable. All individuals and businesses must take precautions to ensure their property is safe for everyone. For more information about what to do after a slip and fall accident, read our articles or contact an expert premises liability lawyer today. 

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