Lawsuits Against Hotels

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Accidents Happen - Even at Hotels

Who doesn’t appreciate an amazing vacation? It’s a great break from the busy day to day activities we are involved in. All year-round, you’ve made sacrifices to saving up for this exciting time – maybe a white sandy beach, warm, deep blue water, a finger-licking cuisine and a fresh breeze. Life couldn’t be any better. Why worry?

The feeling of relaxation at a hotel may make you feel secure. Realistically though, you are prone to a variety of risks involving various potential hazards on the property.

The feeling of relaxation at a hotel may make you feel secure. Realistically though, you are prone to a variety of risks.

Common Hotel Injuries

Below are some common incidents that can lead to injuries while in hotels.

  • Drowning: An enjoyable day at the swimming pool could turn sour if a drowning occurs due to negligence by training staff on its safety precautions.
  • Food poisoning: Dangerous bacteria could be present in food that is prepared on unclean surfaces. Proper hygiene is essential in hotels.
  • Spills and falls: What would happen if a staff member mopped the floor without cautioning guests? Someone passing by can slip and fall, which can lead to serious injury. This can also happen near the swimming pool due to the slippery water.
  • Bed bugs: How uncomfortable would vacationers feel if their sleep is interrupted by bed bugs?? Worse off, these bugs would make their way into suitcases and end up in their homes! Anyone who has had bed bugs knows how much of a disaster they are. 
  • Attacks: Unsuspecting individuals could be assaulted in hotels. Robbery of valuable goods because of poor lighting and lack of surveillance cameras is also possible.
  • Burns: That hot shower in the hotel room could turn from refreshing to burning if water temperature exceeds the normal range.
  • Fires: Someone at the hotel might have left the hairdryer on too long and started a fire. This could spread and damage your property or, even worse, cause you harm. 
  • Elevators: Hotel elevators are constantly in service and take a lot of wear and tear. It’s possible for one of them to give and injure the people inside. 

Proving liability at a hotel

The federal law acknowledges the right to safety for all individuals during their stay at hotels. Therefore, one can file a lawsuit if they can provide convincing evidence that the injury was due to negligence by the hotel management and that the hotel was aware of the risk but failed to rectify it, consequently resulting in the plaintiff’s injury.

Filing a hotel injury lawsuit

In case you were injured while at a hotel, contact the manager immediately. Medical aid should be provided to stop further harm as well as protect other individuals. Even after receiving first aid at the hotel, go to the hospital for a detailed checkup. A good medical examination will assess the magnitude of the injuries far beyond general patchwork. Hospital notes and medicinal prescriptions are useful pieces of evidence. They will help your attorney when building their case against the hotel.

Some hotels try to manipulate circumstances to evade responsibility. They have lawyers representing them that know what they’re doing in a court of law. Make sure you have undeniable proof of the incident and that the hotel should be liable for the injury.

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Preparing for a hotel accident lawsuit

Hotel lawsuits are best handled by personal injury attorneys. They are aware of the twists and turns that such cases can take, and will help you with the case from filing to trial if necessary. Make sure to find someone that will do their utmost to ensure your compensation. Accidents happen, even in hotels, so stay alert for any dangerous situations. If they do occur, be bold enough to seek payment.

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