6 Most Common Workplace Accidents

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Common Workplace Accidents

Did you know that there are about 7 million workplace injuries in the US each year? That said, the probability of such accidents is based on the type of work you do and your work conditions.

According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), one out of every five workplace deaths in the country occurs in the construction industry. But the fact is that there are seemingly safe environments like offices with white-collar jobs that often cause chronic risks like back pain, eye problems, and more. Thus, with respect to the kind of workplace, there are many possible risks to discuss. Let us take a look at some of them.

According to the OSHA, one out of every five workplace deaths in the country occurs in the construction industry.

1. Falls

Falls are the most common risk in every workplace, irrespective of the industry. The fall can be due to a slippery floor, an uneven floor, or even accidental falls from edges and heights. In most cases, a fall from the roof, a ladder, or other high places can be fatal to the individual.

It is essential to always keep the floors clean, use mats with proper grip, repair any uneven floors, and be cautious when near edges and heights. To prevent such accidents, OSHA has strict guidelines on providing adequate protection for those workers who operate above certain altitudes and near dangerous machinery.

2. Collisions

Collisions happen mainly to those people who drive as part of their job. Collisions may happen due to a negligent driver, weather problems, or failure in any part of the automobile. Another common case is when a worker in a worksite gets hit by one of the vehicles or machinery.

Hence, vehicle-related accidents are a pervasive form of risk, especially in particular workplaces. These risks can be reduced using proper safety measures, including seatbelts, helmets, and strictly obeying traffic rules. Safe driving strategies should be precisely executed, and heavy penalties should be imposed on those who do not follow such rules.

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3. Hits, Scrapes, and Punctures

Sometimes, taking an object from a high shelf may result in the object landing on your head. Other similar situations include scraping your knee on a piece of furniture while walking. This can also include anything that can hurt you in any way while working with sharp objects.

According to the National Safety Council, increased mobile phone use has resulted in people walking into walls and other hard or sharp objects without paying attention. Heavy hits can cause severe injuries to the head, face, eyes, and any other body part. The key is to always pay attention while you walk, run, sit, or do any sort of work.

4. Muscle Strains and Fractures

Over-exertion activities like pushing, pulling, and carrying may result in muscle strains and ligament fractures. This can happen either due to a sudden movement or as a result of many routine activities. Such strains and fractures can be reduced only by ensuring adequate protection, training, and allowing workers to take breaks between heavy labor shifts.

5. Repetitive Strain Injuries

These types of injuries take place due to repetitive long-term work routines, typing for long hours, looking at the screen for too long, and more.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is the best example of nerve damage risk caused by repetitive motion. Additionally, workers working in factories are regularly prone to fumes and other toxic wastes, which can cause chronic respiratory diseases.

Thus, a healthy and protective work routine should be followed with adequate breaks in between. Light exercises like eye rotation and finger stretching can also make a great deal of difference.

6. Electrocution

Workers who work around exposed wires are more prone to the risk of electrocution-related injuries. Faulty electrical equipment or mishandling of connected power lines can also lead to electrocution. Therefore, proper protection should be given to the workers, along with warnings of electrical hazards.

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Finding The Right Lawyer For Your workplace injury Case

Before jumping into the lawsuit, it is smart to consult with a workplace injury attorney. Most personal injury law firms handle workers’ comp cases, making finding the right attorney difficult because there are so many options. There are big firms, small firms, sole practitioners, and settlement mills. Make sure to do your homework before settling on an attorney, ensuring they’re the right fit for you.

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