Side-Impact Car Crash

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What To Do After a Side-Impact Collision

Side impact accidents, also known as T-bone accidents occur when the front of one vehicle strikes the side of another car, consequently forming a “T” shape during the point of impact. In an accident like this, it is sometimes difficult to identify exactly who is liable for the collision. Different kinds of car accidents can take place when you are driving but side-impact crashes can be quite difficult for insurers courts to determine who is truly at fault. They can happen anywhere but are most common in intersections and in parking lots

T-bone collisions are generally worse than rear-end crashes but not as bad as head-on collisions. they can cause severe injuries and may even prove fatal. Although the trunk, bumpers, and hood provide a sort of buffer during impact, this may not be enough to ensure the safety of both passengers, and drivers on either side.

What to do when a collision takes place

Firstly, call for medical help, either for you or anyone involved in the incident. Once that’s done, inform the police as the officers can then help both the parties look for evidence and create a report to figure out what exactly happened.

T-bone collision can cause severe injuries and may even prove fatal.

Police Report For Side-Impact Collisions

A police report is crucial, especially if you need your insurance company to help you pay for any damage. These police reports contain photos of the scene, valuation of skid marks, and measurements detailing how the situation of the cars after the accident.

Usually, the police try to use the evidence to understand what occurred, especially when there are no witnesses around.

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Causes of Side Impact Car Crashes

Some of the more common causes of side-impact collisions are: 

  • Speeding
  • Driving and texting
  • Bad weather 
  • Not being cautious when making turns
  • Reckless, aggressive, or drunk driving

In some scenarios, these side-impact crashes are due to a hit-and-run. Read our guide to learn more about what to do in this situation. 

Types of Injuries

Injuries may vary depending upon how fast both the cars were going and their impact position, but a T-bone accident can cause serious injuries such as: 

  • Neck or Spinal cord damage
  • Head injuries 
  • Injuries to your limbs and chest
  • Internal damages

Determining Fault In a Side-Impact Collision

In some instances, both parties are considered to be at fault based solely on negligent driving of both parties. It is also important to note whether your case resides in a fault or no-fault state. Each state lives by its own laws, and when it comes to vehicular accidents, they may take different stands, some opting for a Modified Comparative fault (which is a 50% rule) and others for Pure Contributory negligence, wherein no damages can be recovered as long as you share any part of the fault.


Understandably, this is a lot to take in If you ever find yourself face to face with a situation like this, then you may want to call a personal injury lawyer for help. With an attorney who has the knowledge and is well versed in the laws of the state that you reside in, it is easy to figure out what needs to be done to win your case.

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