Who Pays When a Dog Bites Another Dog?

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Dog-On-Dog Attacks

Dogs are aggressive pets, and they tend to be territorial as well. Dog-on-dog attacks are frequent, and many dog owners need to spend a lot of money on medical and veterinary bills from such attacks. What do you need to know about dog-to-dog attacks, and who should pay if a dog bites another? Let’s discuss.

Dog-on-dog attacks are frequent, and many dog owners need to spend a lot of money on medical and veterinary bills from such attacks.

Dog Care Is the Owner's Responsibility

While keeping dogs as pets is fun, there’s also a responsibility to take proper care of these furry friends. It’s the responsibility of dog owners to ensure that their dogs are properly cared for and treated well.

Dog owners also have a legal duty to ensure that their dogs don’t harm others. They need to keep their dog from injuring people or even destroying personal property. Dogs and other domestic animals are lawfully considered personal property, thus requiring supervision.

Every dog owner is liable (responsible) for any damage caused by their dog. Sometimes, dog attacks result from negligence on the part of the owners when they fail to act responsibly. Such negligent dog owners become financially responsible for the harm caused by their dog.

Know Your Rights

What if your dog is attacked and injured by another dog? What action should you take and how? First, you need to know your rights as the victim of such cases. When someone else is to blame, you deserve compensation for the losses. Compensation for dog-on-dog attacks will include reimbursement for veterinary bills, dog medications, and animal hospital fees while the dog is recovering. If there is a fatal dog attack, damages can include the replacement cost of a deceased dog.

Filing Dog-On-Dog Attack Claims

Proving Negligence

Before filing a claim, you’ll need to prove that the owner of the attacking dog is liable. If your dog was safely secured in the backyard and another dog came and started up, it’s an easy case since your dog was injured on your property. If the attack circumstances aren’t clear, you’ll need to find other ways to establish liability.

Indicators of negligence that will make an owner liable can include a history of destructive behavior, running loose (owner fails to contain the dog), and dangerous dog laws (those that restrict keeping certain dog breeds or dangerous dogs).

Proof of The Attack

You will also need to uncover evidence of the actual attack scene to support the claim before submitting it to demand compensation. Evidence can be photographs, video footage, or witness statements. You can then get all the dog-attack paperwork organized before proceeding to file the insurance claim.

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Preparing for a dog bite lawsuit

Dog-on-dog attacks can sometimes be hard to prove, especially when such attacks erupt suddenly without provocation. However, negligent dog owners are undoubtedly responsible for any damage that their dog causes. Be sure to contact a dog’s owner immediately after it bites your dog and makes sure you are compensated accordingly.

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