The Average Car Crash Settlement

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How Much Is a Car Crash Settlement Worth?

Car crashes can lead to serious medical bills, insurance payments, vehicle damage, and emotional distress that may require years to overcome. Car accident settlements are designed to help reimburse you for these costs and the cost of missing work or school. Of course, a car accident settlement can never fully repay the damages that were done, but it can help mitigate the financial stress of a car crash.

The average car accident settlement is approximately $20,000, but it can be much less or much more depending on the severity of injuries and who was at fault. Here are more details about how that amount is calculated and when to involve an attorney.

The average car accident settlement is approximately $20,000, but it can be much less or much more depending on the severity of injuries and who was at fault

How to Determine Accident Settlement Amount

The first thing to determine in an accident recovery amount is who was at fault. States have different laws about determining fault, and in some cases, they put full blame on one driver, while in other cases there is partial fault. If you were determined at fault or partial fault, then you may receive less payment in damages.

If you were not at fault and the accident led to missing work, medical bills, and/or therapy, then compensation can include all of those costs. A typical guideline is to expect three times the value of your medical bills. However, factors such as the type of injury, treatment plan, length of therapy, and loss of income all go into determining the settlement amount.

However, typically insurance companies will pay a settlement to help fix your car. This depends on how much coverage you have, and the make and model of your car. If your vehicle is totaled, the insurance company will give you a payment based on the value of your car.

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Should You Involve a Lawyer?

It’s a good idea to involve a lawyer after a car accident if there were serious injuries involved, fatalities, or it caused you to miss several days of work or your everyday routine. An attorney can help you recover the damages you deserve and can represent you in a courtroom.

The insurance company will typically offer you the lowest settlement possible. However, an attorney can fight for your rights and help you recover the most amount possible from the insurance company.

However, keep in mind that attorney fees are high, and, in many cases, they will take 33% of your damages payment. So, while an attorney will help maximize the amount you receive, you will lose some of it to fees. You have to decide if it’s worth it to hire an attorney or not.


If you’ve been injured in a car accident, seek medical help immediately. But you also may need to seek legal help to know your rights and be compensated justly. A personal injury lawyer can take the burden of legal work off your hands and ensure you get the maximum settlement possible.

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