Differences Between a Truck Crash vs Car Crash

Truck accident vs car accident

Cars Vs Trucks Car crashes are scary events but add a large semi-truck into the mix, and it becomes even more dangerous. About 70% of freight tonnage in the U.S. travels via truck, which makes up about 9 billion tons of freight every year. It’s especially important to know the difference because, in a legal process, you […]

The Average Car Crash Settlement

Man taking notes at side car crash

How Much Is a Car Crash Settlement Worth? Car crashes can lead to serious medical bills, insurance payments, vehicle damage, and emotional distress that may require years to overcome. Car accident settlements are designed to help reimburse you for these costs and the cost of missing work or school. Of course, a car accident settlement […]

5 Things To Do After a Car Crash for Teens

Vehicle injury & pile up car crash scene figurines

No One Wants To Be In A Crash Car crashes are, unfortunately, more common than we think. And teenagers are likely to be involved in them. In fact, The risk of motor vehicle crashes is higher among teens aged 16–19 than among any other age group. Even very careful, defensive drivers can be involved in […]

When You Don’t Need An Attorney

Law books in attorney office

You Don’t Always Need An Attorney There are many reasons to hire an attorney after an accident, and in many cases, they can help you recover damages and represent you if the case goes to court. However, sometimes it is unnecessary to hire an attorney when filing a lawsuit after an accident. Here are a […]

6 Tips For Defensive Driving

Person defensive driving in car

What is Defensive Driving? Defensive driving can drastically reduce your chances of being in a car accident. These tips are not just for new drivers – everyone on the road can save lives by driving defensively. Defensive driving habits can even lower your monthly insurance premiums. Here are six tips to help you be a […]

5 Obligations for Every Driver on the Road​

Driver obligations--picture of woman driving

Why Driver Obligations? Approximately 96% of car accidents are caused by driver error, most of which are almost completely preventable. Drivers have a responsibility to do better and prioritize safety over getting to your destination as quickly as possible. Every driver has a responsibility to keep themselves and their passengers safe. You can’t predict what other […]

Fault In Pile-up Car Crash

Pile up car crash

How to deal with a Pile-Up Car Crash The last thing you want to deal with in any car accident is how to handle a legal claim and who’s at fault, yet that’s the first question the insurance company will ask. A pile-up car crash can involve several cars or trucks and is much more […]

Motorcycle Accidents

man on motorcycle

4 Things that Make Motorcycle Accidents More Complicated Than Car Accidents Are you dealing with a motorcycle accident? Being flung from a bike is much more dangerous than being hit inside a steel vehicle. Plus, it can be a little trickier to determine fault and can be complicated to resolve. Specifically, jurors and insurance companies […]