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4 Things that Make Motorcycle Accidents More Complicated Than Car Accidents

Are you dealing with a motorcycle accident? Being flung from a bike is much more dangerous than being hit inside a steel vehicle. Plus, it can be a little trickier to determine fault and can be complicated to resolve.

Specifically, jurors and insurance companies might have little knowledge of motorcycles. Here are four challenges that make motorcycle accidents more complicated than car accidents.

Being flung from a bike is much more dangerous than being hit inside a steel vehicle

1. Most People Don't Understand How to Ride a Motorcycle

Perhaps one of the biggest challenges in a motorcycle crash is that most drivers on the road do not understand how to ride a motorcycle. It’s very different from driving a car. Motorcyclists need to react differently to turning, signaling, and changing lanes. And they might not be able to perform a stop as fast as cars can.

Just as with truck accidents, a lack of this understanding is a challenge for jurors who are more familiar with the proper driving of cars, and it can work against you in a court of law.

2. Injuries Are Worse in a Motorcycle Accident

78% of motorcycle crashes result in injury, and 4% are fatal, which is nearly 30 times more severe than the injuries of drivers of other vehicles. This is because you don’t have a ton (literally, most cars weigh several tons) of steel surrounding you to protect you. A helmet can only do so much, and while leather jackets can protect against road rash in a fall, leather cannot protect against broken bones.

Typically, motorcyclists are thrown from their bikes in an accident. You don’t have a seatbelt on a motorcycle. Being thrown off causes severe injuries like broken bones, ruptured organs, and even brain injury.

So, unfortunately, you will likely have more injuries in a motorcycle accident than in a car accident. Jurors and insurance companies need to understand this to make sure that damages are properly paid, and negligence is attributed to the responsible party.

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3. Some People Don't Think Motorcycles Should be on the Road

Some people believe that motorcyclists shouldn’t be on the road and have a hard time overcoming bias. Additionally, some people hold biases against motorcyclists and their biking culture.

Unfortunately, these unfair stereotypes about motorcyclists can be detrimental against a case before a jury, especially if you have been injured in an accident while riding your bike. However, an attorney can help you overcome these biases in court.

4. Insurance Companies Will Give the Lowest Offer First

Insurance companies by nature of their business try to pay as little as possible for accidents, regardless of whether you’re in a car or motorcycle accident. But, societal biases and the more severe injuries can make it more difficult to get benefits from your insurance company. In many states, you can receive at least partial compensation if an investigation determines that you are less than 50% at fault for an accident.

Finding the Right Lawyer For Your Motorcycle Accident Case

If you were involved in a motorcycle accident, you should reach out to a lawyer with experience in motorcycle law to help you overcome the challenges. Since winning a motorcycle lawsuit is inherently more difficult than a car crash, it’s crucial to find a lawyer with experience in this specific type of case.

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