How to Find The Right Lawyer For Your Case

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How To Find The Right Lawyer For You

Typically, accidents don’t come with forewarning, leaving victims unprepared and uncertain of how to proceed. Can the other party be sued? How does one go about doing this? Will it be worth all the hassle?

When you or a loved one sustains an injury, you’ll have to make several decisions very quickly. After all, injuries could result in costly medical expenses or lost employment wages. That’s why you should consult a competent law firm with proven success when it comes to personal injury.

To find a knowledgeable and respectable law firm that will give you what you deserve, here’s a list of questions you will want to discuss.

When you or a loved one sustains an injury, you'll have to make several decisions very quickly.

1. Can you handle my case?

Good attorneys understand their limits, so they can only commit so much of their energy, expertise, and time to their work. Suitable attorneys believe in the causes and people they represent. Consequently, there’s no need to sign up a client once they realize that the case won’t obtain its deserving attention.

A one-person firm will probably have issues related to time availability. That’s why a larger, more established firm with numerous paralegals and other experienced personnel is generally more ideal. In any case, ensure that your lawyer has the energy and time to familiarize themselves with your case and that they’re eager to defend you.

2. How long do you think it will take to resolve the case?

Since time off work and medical costs can often pile up, it is crucial to obtain a sense of how long you will need to wait to receive compensation for your injuries. It is equally essential to establish the duration in which you will face disruptions by attending legal proceedings, investigative physician visits, etc.

Keep in mind that various factors will influence the trial duration; therefore, no lawyer can provide a precise time frame. Nevertheless, you should obtain a general estimate depending on how long similar cases have taken previously.

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3. What is your evaluation of my case?

If you are an injury victim, you may readily presume that you deserve considerable financial compensation. However, accidents differ from one another, which implies that at times the law or your case’s particulars might make a court case difficult, very unlikely, or impossible. That’s why you need a professional who’s unbiased and objective to analyze each component of the case and give their professional opinion.

Your lawyer will be in a position to inform you about your chances while giving you an estimate of how much your case is worth and whether it makes sense to pursue. Perhaps this question might be one of the most significant in helping prevent frustration down the line.

4. Do you operate on a contingency basis?

Most personal injury lawyers won’t charge you for their services. However, they’ll take a segment from any monies you obtain when you secure a positive trial outcome or a settlement (generally 33.3%). This is a contingency fee where a lawyer’s payment is dependent on you receiving the payment.

Most attorneys will cover doctor visits and other costs as the case progresses before receiving compensation from the one who’s responsible for your injuries. If your lawyer charges hourly for your case, it has the possibility of becoming very costly. Ensure you read the retainer documents meticulously before engaging the services of a lawyer and be wary of firms that advertise “cheap” services.


When seeking legal representation, these questions will help you find a qualified lawyer who’s ready to help you through the litigation process.

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