When Do I Need a Personal Injury Lawyer?

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Advantages of a Personal Injury Lawyer

If you are a victim of an accident who believes that the other party was at fault, you might have several questions. Should you be filing a lawsuit against them? Will you need a lawyer or if you can handle the claim yourself? How much might the case be worth?

Depending on the type of claim, you may need legal representation if you have sustained severe injuries as the implicated rules by your injury claim are intricate.

Remember, insurance firms have adjusters and lawyers who will probably evaluate your claim immediately and decisively. Therefore, you’ll want to retain legal representation for a level playing field. The signs mentioned below will inform you exactly when you need a personal injury attorney for your case.

Personal injuries can arise in various ways or situations, ranging from a slip and fall to product liability and chemical exposure, which make this sphere in law very complicated.

1. You suffered a permanent disability or a severe injury

If you sustained a severe injury or a resulting illness, you will need a lawyer. You can’t take any chances when a lifetime of suffering, bills, and pain are on the line. At the least, you should consult a lawyer. Moreover, if these injuries require long-term care or are subject to permanent disability, you’ll need a personal injury attorney to avoid severe, lifelong monetary stress for your family’s sake.

Only a professional attorney can determine the worth of your injuries. To capitalize on your injury lawsuit or claim, you require an attorney who can pursue all accessible compensation forms for your injuries.

2. There's an involvement of numerous parties

If you were in an accident where numerous parties might be responsible for your injuries, you need an attorney.

Insurers tend to be complex in instances where there are numerous parties. Since several people might have sustained injuries, settlement money might not be sufficient for all. Additionally, you could be the topic of insurance claims from other parties, resulting in a decreased or no settlement offer due to your proportional fault.

If you have sustained an injury in an accident and might be partially liable for it, then you must contact a lawyer to handle this case. A good, reliable lawyer can offer protection against cross-claims and counter-claims by any other parties involved.

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3. The insurance firm declines to compensate or acts in bad faith

At times, insurers simply decline to offer a fair settlement or refuse to settle entirely. If you can’t obtain a fair settlement from the at-fault insurer or negotiations are unsuccessful, you should hire the services of a lawyer immediately.

If the insurer is engaging in bad faith tactics, you equally require assistance from a lawyer who is experienced in handling bad faith claims. Bad faith tactics include declining to pay a legitimate claim, issuing threatening statements, and failure to conduct a complete and prompt investigation.

Insurers know that most people don’t understand the complex procedures and laws that occur in a personal injury claim. Therefore, they’ll frequently use their advantage even to deny a legitimate claim. Similarly, they’ll deny claims to force you into submission because they recognize that money is tight and bills are accumulating. If any of these circumstances arise, you need legal representation.

4. The insurance firm won't negotiate

You might have decided not to hire a lawyer immediately after obtaining a settlement offer. After evaluating and recognizing that the offer is not worth the extent of your accident, you might have declined the offer and returned with a counteroffer. In the case where an insurer responds with a low offer that does not reflect the actual expense of the resulting injuries, you’ll need a lawyer to help you secure the deserving compensation.


After being involved in an accident, the first thing that might come to mind is whether you need an attorney. If you’re uncertain of whether to consider legal representation, these scenarios should guide you. Just remember, every case and state has its own statute of limitations, so make sure you contact a lawyer in a timely manner.

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