5 Tips To Boost Insurance Compensation For a Dog Bite Claim

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How can you get the most out of a dog bite claim from an insurance company? Sometimes, it can be hard to negotiate general damages with an insurance company, especially if you handle such cases without an attorney. Here are 5 tips that can help increase your insurance compensation for a dog bite claim. Sometimes, […]

Complete Dangerous Condition Lawsuit Guide

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Dangerous Condition Cases A person should be able to enter the property of another and not worry about being injured. If a condition on the land hurt you, it is possible to recover money for the injury incurred. The property owner or possessor can be responsible for damages caused by conditions on their land. The […]

Complete Attractive Nuisance Guide

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Children and Attractive Nuisances Children have a difficult time understanding boundaries. Unfortunately, this includes understanding what property they are and are not allowed on. Children are often attracted to another’s land because of an object or landmark they think looks fun or enticing. If the child is injured on another’s property, the landowner may be […]

Complete Negligent Security Guide

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Negligent Security Defined When a crime occurs, the last thing people think about is civil liability. However, if an injury happens on somebody’s property due to a criminal or violent act, you may be able to hold the owner/operator responsible. What is negligent security? The property owner has a responsibility to keep their property and […]

Swimming Pool Injuries

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Injuries Caused By Swimming Pools Swimming pool accidents can lead to injuries or even death. In certain situations, the accident is the fault of the owner or operator of the pool, and you may be able to recover for your injuries under premises liability law. Drownings: Unfortunately, drownings occur at an alarmingly high rate. In […]

How Much Is The Average Slip and Fall Settlement

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Evaluating A Slip And Fall Case Slips and falls can seem common enough not to warrant much attention. However, at times a slip or a fall can be severely debilitating and also have serious repercussions which can be fatal as well. If you’ve injured yourself by a slip or a fall on public or private […]

Complete Animal Bite Lawsuit Guide

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Animal Bites – An Overview Suing For An Animal Bite Injury Animal bites pose a significant public health problem in children and adults worldwide and a very common cause for a premises liability case. Approximately 4.5 million people suffer dog bites in the U.S each year, with about 900,000 of them requiring some form of […]

Complete Slip and Fall Lawsuit Guide

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The Handbook to Slip and Fall Lawsuits Did you know that one of the most common personal injury cases is a slip and fall accident? If you suffered an injury from falling while on someone else’s property, you may be able to recover money for your injuries. Premises liability laws state that the property owner […]

Complete Premises Liability Guide

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The Handbook to Premises Liability When a person is injured on someone else’s property, they may be able to recover for damages arising from that injury. The owner or manager of that property must take reasonable steps to keep you safe. However, if you do suffer an injury while being on another’s property, the owner […]